La Ruta del Colibrí



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Quinta GALEON is an unparalleled, unique and special hummingbird sanctuary in Costa Rica, about an hour and fifteen minute East-South bound drive from San José on the way to Los Quetzales National Park and Santa Maria de Dota, where you can easily view and interact with up to 20+ hummingbird species that normally visit the balconies and setups of this beautiful property.

This is an ON SITE guided tour. You’ll be guided through the exhibition, viewing, photographing and hand feeding of the hummingbirds, an unforgettable experience to the participant.

During this unique tour, we share information, perspectives, angles & techniques that will enable you to enjoy and magnify this unique personal interaction with our hummingbirds.

You´ll enjoy hands down, the best viewing and photography opportunities, and the most hummingbirds’ species you can view and photograph in one day/one single place not just in Costa Rica but perhaps anywhere in the world, literally without having to move from your chair! (a minimum of 10 to 15+ species right in front of your eyes and cameras).

This tour has been designed not just for hummingbird's enthusiasts, serious or just for fun photographers, but also for soft nature lovers and anyone who will enjoy the interaction and beauty of these spectacular and amazing creatures.

You don't need any specialized photography equipment or training.  Just bring the best camera you have, and of course, flash, lens and tripod can help.

You’ll have the opportunity to view and capture fantastic images as we´ll present you with amazing perched and in-flight photographic opportunities, and to create your own exclusive portfolio of beautiful and inedited hummingbird images to proudly take home with you.

Tour participants are welcomed with a key introductory presentation to the different hummingbird species they might enjoy during their visit to the Lodge.  Depending on the arrival time, coffee / refreshments and lunch will be served.  Morning tours will also include The Coffee Experience Tour at Coopedota R.L., in Santa María de Dota, around 2 pm.

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Welcome to our Quinta GALEON Hummingbird Experience Tour anytime of the year.

Contact us for inquiries, pricing and/or private group reservations. In all cases RESERVATIONS must be made in advance.

Come prepared for an incredible hummingbird interaction and photography experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life!

For Immediate Availability & Reservations: call (506)-8321-0081 or click on this link.