Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism.


Dental tourism is growing worldwide and offers the provision of excellent dental care options and services at significant cost savings compared with prices the patient, -now the dental tourist- would have to pay back home. As part of this trend, individuals seeking dental care outside of their own country / local healthcare systems will have a great opportunity to convert their medical investment trip expenditures and free time into a beautiful vacation opportunity.


Costa Rica has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization to offer one of the best health care systems in the world. 

There are excellent dental clinics in Costa Rica and as we are very familiar with the dentistry industry and have a great professional understanding of dental patients concerns, we know we have a special place to share with you all and we invite you to take advantage of your "in-between appointments free time" you might have to enjoy this beautiful country.


We'll be more than happy to coordinate and help you with arrangements for internal transportation from your hotel, b&b or the place you stay in town while visiting your dentist in Costa Rica to Quinta GALEON Lodge and back, as well as help you with all travel planning, logistics, complementary destinations you might like to explore based on your interests, itinerary or dental appointments flexibility.


Call us for orientation and options. We´ll love to hear from you soon and be delighted to host you, your family and friends. For reservations, 6 rooms only, use our Contact / Info Request Form or call us at 506-8321-0081.


Quinta GALEON Lodge, your perfect getaway and relaxing retreat in Costa Rica, and one of the best hummingbird viewing and photography places in the world.