Hummingbird Photography

Love hummingbirds, photography or both?


Quinta GALEON Lodge is one of the best places in the world to see and photograph hummingbirds.

This Hummingbird Paradise in Costa Rica probably merits your attention and the pleasure to start planning your next dream vacation !!



Whether you are a professional hummingbird photographer or just love the idea of photographing these beautiful flying gems, our place offers unique setups, hummingbird activity, density and opportunities to do casual or professional in-flight, perched or multiple-flash hummingbird photography.

Hummingbirds are on site to "model for you" 13 hrs a day, 365+ days a year !! No seasons, no winters !! You can visit us either for the day or stay with us any day of the year.


Just follow your dream !! Why not ? Make it happen !!


By the way, Quinta GALEON is also "the place" where you can enjoy the most hummingbird species in one single place in one single day in the world !!    With 20+ hummingbird photographed/documented species, you will likely have the opportunity to photograph and enjoy at least 10 to 15+ species in one single day / same location, without having to "literally move" from your chair !!


And the location, just superb !! A family-owned Quinta GALEON, just beautiful, 6 rooms only, impressive, neat place, very private setting and surroundings, magnificent views, accommodations, exceptional food and service.


And the facilities and the hummingbirds ?  Just awesome !!  Not bad at all... You may click on any of the following links:  {Photographers in Action}  {Hummingbirds 1}   {Hummingbirds 2}   {Hummingbirds 3}


Contact us and we'll be happy to help you build your hummingbird trip to Costa Rica around us,  and assist you with any travel planning, orientation and logistics needs you might have within the country.


For reservations, 6 rooms only, use our Contact / Info Request Form or call us at 506-8321-0081. 


We´ll love to hear from you and be delighted to host you, your family and friends anytime of the year.


Quinta GALEON Lodge, your perfect getaway and relaxing retreat in Costa Rica, and one of the best hummingbird viewing and photography places in the world.