The Lodge

Quinta GALEON Lodge is located on the northwest corner of Los Quetzales National Park, just north of Santa Maria de Dota, about 60 km, an hour and fifteen minute East-South bound drive from San José, the capital of Costa Rica.


Quinta GALEON Lodge is a gift of nature, a beautiful place itself, full of scenic beauty, comfort, privacy, great food and hospitality.


Home of the " La Ruta del Colibrí " One-Day Tour: {Hummingbirds, Jewels of Nature, Photography & Coffee Experience Tour}, it is also "the place", where you will have the unparalleled experience to enjoy the most hummingbirds’ species you can view & photograph in one single place in the world without having to "literally move" from your chair !. * 10 to 15+ hummingbird species right in front of your eyes and cameras on any given day of the year !!



And the location, just superb !!  Our family-owned Quinta GALEON Lodge, just beautiful, 6 rooms only, impressive, neat place, very private setting and surroundings, magnificent views, accommodations, exceptional food and service.


Contact us and we will help you build your hummingbird or vacation trip to Costa Rica around us.


We'll be more than happy to assist you with any travel planning, orientation and logistics needs you might have within the country.


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Quinta GALEON is your perfect getaway and relaxing retreat in Costa Rica,
and one of the best hummingbird viewing and photography places in the world.


Welcome to our Quinta GALEON Lodge.  


We'll be delighted to host you, your family and friends, anytime of the year. 


Pablo y Tere
Your Quinta GALEON Lodge Hosts